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We made it to a new year! Time for new opportunities and new experiences! As they say “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU”! 
I’m updating it to “NEW YEAR, KNOW YOU“! A Human Design reading is a cutting edge personality assessment tool. A chart reading shows you how you are designed from birth and gives you tools to step into your authentic self. In our 2 hour online video call, I’ll give you a full Human Design chart reading with simple, practical and reliable tools for you to use right away to step into your correct alignment.   
The 2 hour online video session is normally $150. With the “NEW YEAR, KNOW YOU” special, it’s only $130 throughout the month of January! 

Have you already had me read your chart? Well, I love to read children’s, spouse’s and family member’s charts too. It is so amazing to learn how your family is designed. Then you know the best way to communicate with them and support them. “Loved One’s Session” are normally $120 for the 90min online video reading, but for January they are only $100!! We will also go over your Companion Chart showing how the two of you flow when you are together. (I have to have read your personal chart previously for me to do a Loved One’s chart)

Have you already had a chart reading with me and need a refresher session? Book a 30 min “Refresher Session”for $40.

Book your “NEW YEAR, KNOW YOU” special session today!  

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