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Join us at the ‘Just Be’ Retreat June 27th

Do you love nature? Do you want to receive a group sound healing? Do you want a few hours in nature with other like minded people? Then join Lisa Strahota of Beloved Angelic Guidance & Healing and myself for the afternoon of Sunday, June 27th from 1-4pm. The ‘Just Be’ retreat will be held atContinue reading “Join us at the ‘Just Be’ Retreat June 27th”


 HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made it to a new year! Time for new opportunities and new experiences! As they say “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU”! I’m updating it to “NEW YEAR, KNOW YOU“! A Human Design reading is a cutting edge personality assessment tool. A chart reading shows you how you are designed from birth and gives you tools to step into your authentic self. In our 2Continue reading “NEW YEAR, KNOW YOU!!”