What’s blocking you from living an authentic life, full of joy and purpose?

Red Dragonfly Healing services are designed to help you live your best life once and for all. Whether it’s releasing past traumas and emotions or just really knowing who you are, I’m here to teach you how to do it.

Human Design Chart Reading

Are you feeling a little lost in life? Human Design is a self-discovery tool. By creating a chart from your birth date, time and place you will learn how to understand and utilize your unique gifts, habits and behaviors. During your 90 minute online session, we’ll uncover strategies for navigating life based on your specific birth chart so you can start living a life that you love.

Crystal and Sound Vibration Energy Balancing

When it comes to feeling stuck in life, crystals and sound energy balancing are powerful tools in releasing what is holding you back. In this one hour in person session, I’ll be working both on and off the body, with tuning forks, singing bowls and a drum in the Sound Energy Balancing sessions. In the Crystal Energy Balancing sessions I’ll use crystals and light touch. This helps balance the chakras and energy field, leading to clarity and healing.

In the one hour online Energy Balancing Session, I’ll be using tuning forks to clear out stuck energy that no longer serves you.

Total Transformation Package

If you are a really ready to make big changes in your life this is for you. This Total Transformation package combines your Human Design reading, 3 Energy Balancing sessions, 6 bimonthly check-ins and more. This 3 month program is designed to do the deep work to transform your life and find balance.

Are you ready for real change in your life?

Call to book your sessions today to help you to start to live a life with clarity and joy. 414-559-9123

Amanda has an encouraging and uplifting way of delivering these truths.  I appreciate her insight and ability to make connections where I might be blinded to about myself.  If you are in need of guidance and wanting to know about how to best work with your true nature, look no further. You will not be disappointed

Lynda C.

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