Energy Clearing Sound Bath

Tue Jan 25th 6-7:30pm Do you want to feel more grounded and centered?Are you ready to release some old, stagnant energy?Have you experienced being bathed in high vibrational sound?Tuning forks and sound vibration are an easy way to facilitate that. This in-person relaxing group setting will be a bit of guided meditation, lots of energyContinue reading “Energy Clearing Sound Bath”

Join us at the ‘Just Be’ Retreat June 27th

Do you love nature? Do you want to receive a group sound healing? Do you want a few hours in nature with other like minded people? Then join Lisa Strahota of Beloved Angelic Guidance & Healing and myself for the afternoon of Sunday, June 27th from 1-4pm. The ‘Just Be’ retreat will be held atContinue reading “Join us at the ‘Just Be’ Retreat June 27th”


 HAPPY NEW YEAR! We made it to a new year! Time for new opportunities and new experiences! As they say “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU”! I’m updating it to “NEW YEAR, KNOW YOU“! A Human Design reading is a cutting edge personality assessment tool. A chart reading shows you how you are designed from birth and gives you tools to step into your authentic self. In our 2Continue reading “NEW YEAR, KNOW YOU!!”

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