Total Transformation

Are you really ready to do the deep inner work?

Are you ready to see and feel all that you have been hiding from? Are you ready to truly become your authentic self? You are able of doing the work I am just here to help you find the magic within yourself. Find out what has been holding you back. Learn how to create and step into your new joy filled life.

In this 3 month Total Transformation package, you will receive.

  • Your personal 1 1/2hour Human Design reading (Value $150)
  • 3 1-hour Energy Balancing sessions (Value $200)
  • A 30 minute Human Design “Refresher Q&A” session (Value $40)
  • 6 Bimonthly check-ins and assignments (Value $180)

Find your inner alignment and balance.


Buy now for $400 (Save $170)


3 month payment plan of $150 per month for 3 months (Save $120)

The knowledge I’ve gained from Human Design has changed my life. My whole life has been about apologizing and feelings of guilt for things I’ve done, I’ve said and I’ve thought. I’m so relaxed now knowing my design and understanding it allows me to be comfortable in my skin. I know everyone says they are different, but I now have proof for what I’ve felt my entire life. Amanda is one of the most honest and caring people I know. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people. If you truly want to know and understand yourself you need to do this. It may change your life.  

Dan L

Start your Total Transformation today.

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