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Human Design Chart Reading

Human Design is your unique blueprint for life

Have you ever wished there was a manual for your life, specific to you?  Human Design is it! Based on your birth date, time and place, your specific chart is created. It combines the ancient studies of Astrology, I Ching, Kabballah, Chakras and Quantum Physics all together. It shows you how your unique life is designed. You have all the answers inside of you. Human Design is a key to unlock this hidden treasure. Move into alignment with the truth of who you really are.

  • Find your authentic way to work that brings you satisfaction.
  • Understand how your sleeping situation affects your life.
  • Look at how you enter into agreements/situations.
  • See what your challenges are and how to understand how to work with them.
  • Learn how your health is deeply affected by your design.
  • Explore ways to become a better parent and/or partner.

You get to record the session on your computer to watch again (as there is a lot of information!) You will also get your personalized 6-8 page report to keep.


90 Minute Human Design chart reading online $197

What an amazing Human Design session! Wow! I now understand myself so much better. Although I am still processing everything, I truly appreciate how Amanda took the time to explain everything in a way I could connect with. I highly recommend a session with Amanda if you are looking to understand why you are who you are and want to come away with tips on how to foster the best you possible. Thank you, Amanda!

Lisa S

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