Energy Balancing

“We look with our eyes but see with our hearts. We hear with our ears but we listen with our whole body.”

Crystal and Sound Energy Balancing

Everything is Energy!

Everything is in motion. Emotions are ‘E’nergy in ‘motion’. Our body is electric and we have an energy field around us. We can ‘feel’ when someone is standing too close to us or in our personal space. Over our lifetime, our emotions become trapped in our physical body and in our energy field.  Trauma, stress, dis-ease all become trapped and weigh us down. Think about trying to stuff an overfilled garbage bag with more garbage. It will not allow for anything new to come in. It will break causing a big mess. This is like your body and it can show up as physical health issues, mental issues, conflict, depression, etc…  You want joy, love and compassion in your life but there is not room for more…. yet. Working to clear the garbage out, will make room for new good things to come into your life. You are in the driver’s seat. You are in control of what happens in your life. Healing is embracing what is most feared. Healing is feeling. “You have to feel it to heal it”

Sound Energy Balancing

Using sound vibration and frequency to realign your chakras and energy field. In the in person session, I will be working on and off the body with tuning forks, singing bowls and drumming to clear the noise and chaos. The online session will be only using tuning forks. Releasing past energetic stuck traumas and issues to heal and transform. This can be very intense work. In this session, you are a participant and we have a dialogue throughout the session.

Crystal Energy Balancing

In person only: Using crystals and light touch to promote balance, alignment and connections throughout the chakras. Clearing out blockages and imbalances, bringing the body into a state of calm and peace. Calming the nervous system and cellular body allowing deep healing. This is a less intense session than Sound Energy Balancing. In this session, you are able to just relax and deeply rest.

In person or online

Session can be in person or online over a video call. It works the same exact way – our minds think it won’t work but our bodies know that it works amazingly well. Most of us don’t know how our cell phones work (sending information through the ethers) or a fax machine. We just know they work and so does distance sound healing.


1-hour Sound Energy Balancing $75

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1-hour Crystal Energy Balancing $75

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3 pack for $200

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Amanda is a gifted healer. My online healing session with her was as effective as if I was right next to her in person. Her intuitive gifts led her to know exactly what I needed and I felt so much better when it was done. My confusion began to shift to clarity and I felt lighter and freer after the experience. Thank you for living your purpose and being there for me when I needed it most!

Aimee I – California

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